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Sometimes with all the hustle & busywork in todays workplace, we forget to give credit where credit is due.

Evansville DJ makes it easy to treat your employees to a hardy ‘job well done’ celebration.


Be assured that Evansville Party Master will follow your directions down to the ‘T’.  Whether you are rolling out a new incentive program, celebrating a

‘goals exceeded’ event or hosting a summertime company picnic, we will reliably, punctually & faithfully execute your vision of your companies

event in a skillful & professional manner dressed accordingly.

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Give us a try for your next event and see for yourself why a DJ company that understands corporate expectations can make a BIG difference.

It’s as easy as contacting Patrick Holl at (812) 401-2288 or email: for a no obligation party planning strategy session. OR, use the Quick Quote & Date Availability Feature below to get answers fast!

You deserve a polished & professional DJ


One less worry off the Boss’s plate!











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